‘Twas the Christmas before COVID

Christmas 2019 has become an extra special memory as we spent it in the beautiful Indian city of Bengaluru, often called the air-conditioned city because of its superb temperate climate. While some of this has been eroded due to urban growth and deforestation, we found the weather in December dry and cool with day temperaturesContinue reading “‘Twas the Christmas before COVID”

Poppies, Marigolds or Hibiscus? How should India remember its forgotten soldiers?

Remembrance Day is commemorated on November 11th each year and marks the end of World War I in 1918. The intention of the day is to remember the fallen on both sides in the ‘Great War’. Remembrance Day has evolved in different ways around the world. Depending on where you are in the world, itContinue reading “Poppies, Marigolds or Hibiscus? How should India remember its forgotten soldiers?”

Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business

For dads everywhere in 2020……. “Child abuse and neglect is preventable. If we all work together as a community, we can create an Australia where all children can grow up safe and well. What role can you play in supporting children and their families?” -Richard Cooke, CEO, NAPCAN The National Child Protection Week campaign wasContinue reading “Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business”

From the power of one to the power of many-Nek Chand’s Rock Garden in Chandigarh

The world is full of woe. Yet every so often I come across a person who shows that the human spirit is indomitable … I first heard about the Rock Garden of Chandigarh around 2011 when I inadvertently switched on to the ABC and found it was telecasting a BBC program Around the World inContinue reading “From the power of one to the power of many-Nek Chand’s Rock Garden in Chandigarh”

Celebrating unity in diversity with flowers

Flowers play a very important part in the different Indian cultures and festivals. New Delhi which is my second home is full of many beautiful gardens. Top of my list are the Mughal Gardens at the President’s residence which are open to the public in February and March, which is spring, and one of theContinue reading “Celebrating unity in diversity with flowers”

Look at all the Lonely People

The Silent Epidemic of the Twenty-First Century ‘No man is an island entire of itself,’[1] wrote John Donne. Perhaps he foresaw an age where loneliness emerged as a global epidemic. One would think that the technological advances of the past 150 years where people are more ‘connected’ than ever, would have banished loneliness forever. Sadly,Continue reading “Look at all the Lonely People”