All creatures great and small during COVID19

Dogs have loved it. Cats have hated it. Fish may not have noticed. But many humans have relied on their pets to get them through the last months.[1] Around the world people reported the healing effects of having pet or wild animals around them. I can certainly vouch for this. My two rescue beagles, BonnieContinue reading “All creatures great and small during COVID19”

Cross-Cultural Capers: Divinities and the Corona Demon

‘The epidemic is a demon and we cannot let this demon hide’ Chinese president Xi Jinping, January 28, 2020. I am not religious but have always been fascinated by the myths and legend that proponents of every religion have created to depict the fight between good and evil. I read with equal avidity the storiesContinue reading “Cross-Cultural Capers: Divinities and the Corona Demon”

Cross-Cultural Capers: Cinemas Creating Connections

When we think of cultural interactions between India and Australia, the two things that spring immediately to mind are cricket and curries. Few people know of the connections created through cinema. Concrete partnerships and projects between the Indian and Australian film industries began in the late 1990s, and included films, music videos, and TV commercialsContinue reading “Cross-Cultural Capers: Cinemas Creating Connections”

Cross-Cultural Capers: Cops, Corona and CoVidiots

The corona virus pandemic has created new challenges for policemen and women across the world. Punitive methods such as fines, force and detention are commonly used to deal with those who flout Covid restrictions in their area. We see footage of American police using lung and eye irritants and rough treatment even of journalists, IndianContinue reading “Cross-Cultural Capers: Cops, Corona and CoVidiots”

Mother’s Day Through the Ages

Modern Mother’s Day celebrations arouse mixed feelings. Some regard it as a fitting tribute to mothers, others as another money-spinning celebration emanating from the United States.   However, various religions have long celebrated their own forms of Mother’s Day. The Nepalese celebrate Mata Tirtha Aunshi or “Mother Pilgrimage fortnight”, in Baisakh (April/May) where mothers areContinue reading “Mother’s Day Through the Ages”

When ANZACS Dunked Chapattis not just biscuits

 “Sing me to sleep, the bullets fall Let me forget the war & all Damp is my dugout, cold is my feet Nothing but biscuits & bully to eat. “ Popular soldier’s song, circa 1918, recorded in the diary of Archie A. Barwick.  “The Digger sniffed the savoury Sikh curry, and longed to taste it, but it was noContinue reading “When ANZACS Dunked Chapattis not just biscuits”

‘English as she is spoke in Australia and India’

Moving from one outpost of the British Empire to another has provided interesting experiences  in working out what’s similar and what’s different. As a writer, my particular interest has been ‘English as she is spoke’ in the two countries. My Australian-born, Australian-raised husband said I should abandon ‘thrice’ which is commonly used by Indians butContinue reading “‘English as she is spoke in Australia and India’”