Celebrating unity in diversity with flowers

Flowers play a very important part in the different Indian cultures and festivals. New Delhi which is my second home is full of many beautiful gardens. Top of my list are the Mughal Gardens at the President’s residence which are open to the public in February and March, which is spring, and one of theContinue reading “Celebrating unity in diversity with flowers”

Unity in Adversity- A Citizen’s View of the Corona virus

Rockbottom became the solid bottom in which I rebuilt my life: J.K.Rowling A young woman in a supermarket spots an elderly man who is looking very stressed. He tells her he arrived too late to get any rice. She reaches into her trolley, puts the packet she’s just picked up into his basket and hurriesContinue reading “Unity in Adversity- A Citizen’s View of the Corona virus”

Look at all the Lonely People

The Silent Epidemic of the Twenty-First Century ‘No man is an island entire of itself,’[1] wrote John Donne. Perhaps he foresaw an age where loneliness emerged as a global epidemic. One would think that the technological advances of the past 150 years where people are more ‘connected’ than ever, would have banished loneliness forever. Sadly,Continue reading “Look at all the Lonely People”

The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde

A high-pitched squeal interspersed by menacing, deep-throated growls rend the quiet of the night. People I have never spoken to or even seen come out of their houses and rush towards where I’m sitting on the edge of a fence so I don’t lose my balance. ‘Are you OK?’’ they ask from a safe distance.Continue reading “The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde”

The Angel with the Too Tight Halo

It was the night before the pre-school Christmas performance, The Sleepy Shepherd.  Little Gita fingered her silver wings, reluctant to go to bed.  ‘You’ll break them before the play even begins,’ said her big brother Milaan. Gita’s lower lip quivered.  ‘Mum,’ she wailed. Mum hugged her and said, ‘You need to go to bed.  OtherwiseContinue reading “The Angel with the Too Tight Halo”

Piquant Poetry

Playgrounds are silent Clouds of yellow butterflies New lives emerging. ********************** Caterwauling cats My peacefully snoring dogs Are canine cannons. ********************** Bats squeal, possums snarl Ripe guavas scent the air Squishing underfoot. ********************** Bats and bananas Silence of wind ruffled leaves Red flower dangling.

Mother’s Day Through the Ages

Modern Mother’s Day celebrations arouse mixed feelings. Some regard it as a fitting tribute to mothers, others as another money-spinning celebration emanating from the United States.   However, various religions have long celebrated their own forms of Mother’s Day. The Nepalese celebrate Mata Tirtha Aunshi or “Mother Pilgrimage fortnight”, in Baisakh (April/May) where mothers areContinue reading “Mother’s Day Through the Ages”